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Reviews And Testimonials 


Gayle McMeechan : 'Our guests still talk about you all the time lovely gentleman would highly recommend you for any wedding'


Janis Ferguson says : 'Well what can I say!!!! I had the most amazing hen party! Great company great fun and entertainment. Thank so everyone who attended and made it special .... As I said earlier I've never had a hen party before and just realised the reason why.... You lot wouldn't have been there so I'm delighted I waited all this time! Thank you to David Clelland, Gary Graham and Liam Deans who just added to my night! Mwah!!! It wouldn't have been the same without you! I will highly recommend you to anyone!'


Fiona Johnstone says : ' The mind reader that was like dynamo(freaked me)!!'


Leisha Williamson says : "Thanks for tonight David. Still puzzled how you got the word in the book and my reading was fab."

Jennifer Watson says : "We had the pleasure of David performing one of our charity nights. He was fantastic and had so many people wondering how he did what he does!! Would highly recommend him at any event or special occasion."

Karen Mcarthur Macmillan says : "Thank you david i enjoyed my night the girls all had a great fun night and loved your demo how the mind works"

Medium Ruth Leila Anderson says : "Thanks for the reading last night and just like what I said to u and know that you are a sceptical but you are a clairvoyant and need to start to accept your gift good luck with the future and all the best live light and blessings to you"

Lynne Hogg says : "Had a great evening with David, we were all really happy with our readings would defo do it again, thanks david"

Amanda McCann Humphrey says : "I agree with Lynne Hogg, also had a reading and David was spot on, defo recommend."



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